Amarula embodies generosity of spirit – a warmth that comes from coming together – be it in celebration or for a common good enriching the lives of people, our communities and our planet.

Protecting the plant and species that inhabit our earth are important to us and are among the ways we ignite our marula spirit. It’s behind our commitment to sustainable partnerships with communities that harvest the distinct and signature marula fruit featured in each bottle, our commitment to protecting elephants and our product innovations such as Vegan Certified Amarula plant-based.

Championing the greater good and promoting prosperity is embodied in our support for the Handwork Hub. This initiative supports the employment and success of black-owned entrepreneurs in South Africa with families prospering physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and financially. It’s one of many ways we’re investing behind empowering people and strengthening communities.

We’re proud of our recent support of Tree Canada and their edible tree program in Western Canada, Ontario and Quebec, Canadian food banks, Second Harvest Canada focused on food rescue. We will continue to be guided by a profound commitment to Africianubuntu (I am because we are).

The Social Sipper

Amarula Cream Liqueur 375ml

This social sipper is made to be shared. Keep the night going while you enjoy sipping Amarula on ice together.


The Go-To

Amarula Cream Liqueur 750ml

Extremely versatile, enjoy it neat, on ice, in coffee or create unique cocktails Trust us, good friends bring wine, GREAT friends bring Amarula.


Plant-Based Indulgence

Amarula Cream-Like Liqueur 750ml

A coconut cream, vegan certified plant-based indulgence that can be enjoyed by those with lactose intolerance and those looking to savour the rich flavours of coconut and Marula fruit over ice and in a cocktail.


The Holiday Hostess

Amarula Cream Liqueur 1140ml

Made to be savoured, this is for the true Amarula Foodie that loves to elevate their recipes by adding a touch of liqueur to any recipe. Did someone say Amarula poached pears? Amarula cheesecake?


We have carefully crafted and created, a new Vegan Certified plant-based indulgence, that can be enjoyed by vegans, those with lactose/dairy intolerance or just those looking to savour the wonderful flavours of Coconut and Marula fruit in a delightfully balanced easy to drink liqueur that tastes like real cream.

Made from luxurious coconut blended with the spirit of our distinctive Marula fruit, Amarula Plant-Based is an exotic taste sensation with gentle notes of caramel, vanilla and creamy coconut finished with complex notes of Marula fruit.

Like the other Amarula variants, Amarula Plant-Based is smooth, easy drinking and versatile – from sipped plain or over ice, to being a unique cocktails ingredient.

Amarula Vegan has been awarded the Vegan Trademark by the world-renowned Vegan Society.

Amarula Plant-Based

Amarula Plant-Based
Tiki Fire

Amarula Original Inspired Recipes

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Everything starts with the marula fruit

There is just one place on earth where the Marula trees grow – across Africa’s subequatorial plains. And there is just one time of year when the Marula trees bear their exotic fruit – at the height of our beautiful summer.

The size of small plums but oval in shape, the Marula fruit ripens to a rich yellow, with a tough outer skin surrounding its fibrous, white flesh. Containing four times more vitamin C than the average orange, Marula is a succulent fruit with a citrus tang and a creamy, nutty taste.

Archaeological evidence of Marula fruit can be dated back as far as 10 000 BC with traces of Marula kernels found in the ancient Pomongwe Cave of Zimbabwe. The smooth, light brown seed inside each Marula fruit protects its oil-rich kernels which are an essential source of nutrition and have anti-oxidant as well as moisturising properties.


Storytelling has always been central to African life. The Marula tree, as the source of several fascinating legends, has become a sacred and intricate part of ancient African culture. Locals have revered these trees for centuries and refer to them fondly by various names.

Because elephants travel for miles to feast on the wild fruit, locals call it ‘The Elephant Tree’. African folklore also refers to it as ‘The Marriage Tree’. Apart from making a beautifully natural wedding canopy, it’s also said to have aphrodisiac properties and features in tribal fertility rites. The ripening of the Marula fruit in summer coincides with great celebrations in many parts of Southern Africa. In the Kingdom of Eswatini, for example, the annual Marula Festival is celebrated at the king’s royal residence, sustaining the belief that the Marula fruit is fit for kings and queens.

Like the elephants, the Marula trees are protected under South African law. They are a key part of African heritage and may not be farmed for commerce. The fruit however is sold in a variety of natural products, Amarula of course being one of them.


The Handwork Hub is an Empowerment Project that supports women in South Africa seeing them go from handworkers to proud business owners. Many of the women employed through this initiative are the sole breadwinners and primary caregivers.

Since its incorporation in February 2017 and through pride of craftsmanship, more than 40M tassels have been featured on Amarula Cream bottles sold worldwide. This novel partnership enables black women-owned enterprises sustainable, permanent employment and a safe working environment. The Handwork Hub enables the women to own their own business and share directly in the economic benefits of their labour, enriching their lives, the lives of their families and communities.

Giving Back in Canada

In Canada, Amarula’s Giving Spirit has been focused on supporting Canadian food banks in Ontario, BC and Quebec and food rescue efforts through out support of Second Harvest a food recovery network working to fuel people and reduce the environmental impact of avoidable food waste.